3x2 Collection


Conceived in 2010 and launched at the Milan Furniture Fair the following year, 3x2 is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Marco Maran and ParriDesign. 3x2 is now available in North America through an exclusive partnership between Gordon International and ParriDesign.

The goal of this project was to provide a stackable solution for the demanding contract marketplace, while remaining true to Marco’s desire for a fun, light hearted, playful design solution that brings energy and enthusiasm to any space it inhabits.

A co-molded 2 part shell creates 3 color interests from 2 materials: 3x2. This core design element utilizes a range of base options, from 4 leg, sled and pedestal, to task, three different barstools, and beam seating. A ganging device, tablet arm, floor spacer and dolly cart round out 3x2’s options.